Key Code (VK_code) Values


The CloudTV platform standardizes all common remote key inputs into VK_code values. An application running on the CloudTV platform will receive the same VK_Code value regardless of the client/device type or the protocol the client is communicating across. This allows a developer to detect particular key code values with confidence that the application’s behavior in regards to key input will be consistent across all device types that can access applications via CloudTV.

VK_code Values

Following is a table that lists all key code values that are supported by default. If there are keys not present, the developer should consult with the operator or programmer as there may be custom keys and values added beyond this default set of keys and values. The VK_code value is what will be returned to the applicaiton following input from a remote or other supported input device.

Key Description VK_code Value
The 'Back' or 'Cancel' button 8
The 'OK' or 'Enter' or 'Select' button 13
The 'Pause' button to pause a media asset 19
The 'Page Up' button 33
The 'Page Down' button 34
The 'End' button 35
The 'Home' button 36
The 'Left' button 37
The 'Up' button 38
The 'Right' button 39
The 'Down' button 40
The number '0' 48
The number '1' 49
The number '2' 50
The number '3' 51
The number '4' 52
The number '5' 53
The number '6' 54
The number '7' 55
The number '8' 56
The number '9' 57
The letter 'A' on an alphanumerical keyboard 65
The letter 'B' on an alphanumerical keyboard 66
The letter 'C' on an alphanumerical keyboard 67
The letter 'D' on an alphanumerical keyboard 68
The 'Help' or '?' button 156
The 'Favorites' button 171
The 'Mute' button 173
The 'Volume Down' button 174
The 'Volume Up' button 175
The Red button 403
The Green button 404
The Yellow button 405
The Blue button 406
The 'Rewind' button to rewind in a media asset 412
The 'Stop' button to stop a media asset 413
The 'Play' button to start a media asset 415
The 'Record' button to start recording 416
The 'Fast Forward' button to fast forward in a media asset 417
The 'Prev' button to play the previous item in a playlist 424
The 'Next' button to play the next item in a playlist 425
The 'Channel Up' button 427
The 'Channel Down' button 428
The 'Info' button 457
The 'Guide' or 'EPG' button 458
The 'Menu' button 462
The 'Last' button 8
The 'Live' or 'Live TV' button 1157
The 'Exit' button 1158
The 'My DVR' button or similar button that launches a DVR browser 1181
The 'Setup' button 1801
The 'Top Menu' button 1802
The 'Net TV' button 1803
The 'Media' button 1804
The 'On Demand' button 1805
The 'Skip forward' Button 1806
The 'Replay' button 1807
The 'List' button 1808
The 'Day Up' button for PVR programming 1809
The 'Day Down' button for PVR programming 1810
The 'Settings' button 4109
The 'A' button on a remote control 4111
The 'B' button on a remote control 4112
The 'C' button on a remote control 4113
The 'D' button on a remote control 4114
The 'Play/Pause' button 1811
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