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Sample companion applications from the HTML5 tutorials.


Simple video player example.

Example of including a font using the CSS3 module @fontface.

Displays the last 20 active keystrokes.

This example application will connect to funnel and retrieve all data feeds for that provider (you must have a funnel api key)

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  1. Given an API-KEY and SERVER address, this application will connect to funnel and retrieve all data feeds for that provider
  2. The UI responds to LEFT/RIGHT keypresses by cycling through each of the feeds belonging to that API-KEY
  3. Each feed has all posts listed, which can be scrolled up/down and clicked on (ENTER)
  4. Upon diving into the details view of a post, a simple "JSON Explorer" (see is presented which will allow you to view the data that is contained in the post.

This application can be configured from within /configs/avconfig.js on lines 36/37:

funnel : {   serverURL : '',//replace this on line 36
   apiKey : '556677',//replace this on line 37
   logLevel: 0,
   maxTries: 2

Note - you will need access to a Funnel server in order to run this application.


CloudTV Player software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.

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